Friday, September 14, 2012


David Lynch guest starred on last night's episode of the FX comedy Louie (2010-Present). The episode was titled, "Late Show: Part 2." In the episode, the eponymous Louie (played by Louis C.K.) becomes Letterman's replacement as host of the Late Show. Louie's interactions with David Lynch appear to be comedic gold, as revealed in this series of clips from the episodes and stills, some of which we found courtesy of this recap.
David Lynch will reprise the role next week in Part 3 of this episode next week, as demonstrated by the video clip below. We will update this article once we know for certain. Here's another article discussing this episode.

Courtesy of Welcome to Twin Peaks
Courtesy of LynchLand
David Lynch as "Gus the Bartender"
Given his former guest appearances as Gus the Bartender on Family Guy (1999-Present) spinoff The Cleveland Show (2009-Present), it seems David Lynch has finally realized the potential comedic acting aspect of his vocation first hinted at as Gordon Cole in Twin Peaks (1990-91) and Fire Walk with Me (1992). Whatever hilarious scenario he places himself in, somehow David Lynch seems right at home.

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