Monday, July 2, 2012


I've Got Good News! That TV show you like is about to come back in style...
At last, Twin Peaks is available in glorious 1080p HD! Until now, the only HD version of Twin Peaks available for download was the inferior 720p HD version at the iTunes Store. But iTunes is finally releasing them in the best current home video format: 1080p HD. Fortunately, those of us who already purchased Twin Peaks in 720p HD from iTunes can upgrade to the higher resolution version free of additional charge. Thank you Twin Peaks Archive for making this announcement and for sharing this link explaining the strangely convoluted process of upgrading to the 1080p HD version on iTunes. For a more cinematic experience, use your HD TV's "Zoom" function since the series was soft-matted for theatrical exhibition, as in the case with the premiere of the Pilot.