Thursday, September 27, 2012


Tomorrow we celebrate the 35th anniversary of David Lynch's Eraserhead (1977) world premiere held in New York City. I wrote this article series to celebrate this milestone in David Lynch's career, hence the reason for my site's title: 35 Years of David Lynch. To celebrate this momentous occasion, each day leading up to the anniversary I have been releasing one still image from every film and TV episode directed by David Lynch throughout his career. I have also embedded one of my favorite David Lynch interviews or documentaries along with each still.
Today's still is from David Lynch's second feature film, which garnered him more Academy Award Nominations than he gained for all his other films combined: The Elephant Man (1980). And above I present: Several Elephant Man Related Interviews with David Lynch and his Collaborators. Synopsis: David Lynch shares anecdotes about his experience becoming the director of a major motion picture for the first time with Mel Brooks's assistance for The Elephant Man. Also, this playlist includes the "Making of" Documentary from the DVD.
By Jeremy Saunders, Courtesy of Desktop Mag

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