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Today we celebrate the 35th anniversary of David Lynch's Eraserhead (1977) world premiere held at the Waverly Theater in New York City! Congratulations David Lynch on a meaningful career filled with unforgettable films of substance and style. All my efforts in writing this article series has been in support of celebrating this milestone in your career, and is the reason for my site's title: 35 Years of David Lynch. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I released one still image from each of your films and TV episodes that you directed throughout your career. I also embedded one or more favorites from your interviews and/or documentaries centered around your life and career.
David Lynch with Jack Nance on the Set of Eraserhead (1977)
Today's still is from David Lynch's first feature film: Eraserhead (1977,) which stands as one of the boldest, most bizarre and inventive films of the past 35 years. David Lynch's Freshmen film had a profound impact on Stanley Kubrick who was deeply influenced by it when he later made The Shining (1977) and "in 2004 [Eraserhead] was deemed 'culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant' by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry" (Wikipedia).

Brad Pitt Mimicking the Classic Pose by Jack Nance
And as demonstrated by the clip above, Eraserhead has grown from a highly regarded cult classic into a bona fide part of American culture as we see one of the most successful actors of our day, Brad Pitt, patterning his most recent photo shoot after the main character in Eraserhead. Not bad for a first-time, low-budget independent film, Mr. Lynch. Not bad at all. I send you my fondest Cooper-styled "thumbs up." And everyone, feel free to post your celebratory remarks for Mr. Lynch in the comments section below.
Above I present: David Lynch's Late Late Show Interview. Synopsis: The host of the Late Late Show, Tom Snyder, is a former Philadelphia newscaster from the days when David Lynch was studying at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Tom Snyder also happened to make the move to Los Angeles not longer after Lynch left. At the time of this interview, twenty years passed after the release of Eraserhead, as David Lynch promotes his new film Lost Highway (1997) and discusses the details of his early career. And Mr. Lynch's daughter Jennifer recently gave a fascinating interview wherein she discusses being a child on the set of Eraserhead.

In preparation for today's 35th anniversary celebration for Eraserhead, today I finished and released this video adaptation of my introductory article for 35 Years of David Lynch.. And in the video presentation below, I present my ode to the inimitable cinematic worlds devised by the brilliant director over the years. This tribute to David Lynch and his amazing films is the summation of all my efforts on this site. Congratulations on all your accomplishments these past 35 years Mr. Lynch!
By Jeremy Saunders, Courtesy of Desktop Mag

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  1. Wow, and this year will be the 38th anniversary of "Eraserhead". This is really a great film from David Lynch. He gives so much effort and time for this movie which made the film one of the Hollywood Movies that Took Too Long to Make in a duration of 5 years to make. But those years he spent in filming are all worth it because after all these years..people still love this body horror film.