Sunday, September 16, 2012


In two weeks we approach the 35th anniversary of David Lynch's Eraserhead (1977) world premiere held in New York City. All my efforts in writing this article series was in support of celebrating this milestone in David Lynch's career, hence the reason for my site's title: 35 Years of David Lynch. To celebrate this momentous occasion, each day leading up the anniversary I will release one still image from every film and TV episode directed by David Lynch throughout his career. I will also embed one of my favorite David Lynch interviews or documentaries along with each still.
Today's still is from David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. (2001), a film that shows up as the number one choice of best film of the past decade in most movie critic polls in 2010. It is also the most recently made film to make the list of Sight & Sound's Top 50 Films of All Time. And above we present: On the Way to Mulholland Dr. Synopsis: A behind-the-scenes documentary on the production of David Lynch's Mulholland Dr., featuring insightful interviews with the director and stars.
By Jeremy Saunders, Courtesy of Desktop Mag

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