Saturday, July 2, 2011


I was recently invited as a guest on the Twin Peaks Podcast where we discussed one of my favorite episodes of the revolutionary 90's TV series. This entertaining podcast features four regular co-hosts: two first-time viewers and two Twin Peaks veterans. They discuss the show episode by episode each week until they eventually finish all 30 episodes of the series and its prequel feature film: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with MeThe show's hosts told me they are also toying with the idea of later transitioning into the other films of David Lynch, too.

I had never been involved in a podcast before, so I was unsure of what to expect. But the show's hosts were relaxed, engaging, and fun, so I soon felt right at home. The hosts are currently lining up an interesting array of special guests and have been in recent contact with actress Kimmy Robertson, who played the lovable Lucy Moran on the series. So hopefully she will drop by on the podcast in the near future. You can find the Twin Peaks Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and in addition to this site it can also be found on iTunes.
The podcast features a healthy mix of story discussion, behind-the-scenes trivia, character analysis, and a breakdown of what the new viewers think of the show's narrative as it unfolds. The hosts have differing senses of humor and approaches to viewing the series, elevating the podcast and making it entertaining for new viewers and long-time Twin Peaks fans alike. So give it a listen and give yourself another excuse to watch the series all over again.
Official Synopsis: "The Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 10 - 'Coma' has been released! Matt, Mel, Brad, Caitlin and their guest Michael Warren (Author of the 35 Years of David Lynch Blog) discuss episode 10 of the series. Talk of witches and look-a-like cousins abound. Also, Brad drafts his 'most industrious' Twin Peaks Dream Team."
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  1. You're welcome and it's a pleasure to spread the word about your entertaining podcast. Twin Peaks is filled with rich topics of discussion, so it is refreshing that your show provides an outlet for us to connect or reconnect to this densely layered American classic.

  2. vincent MorrissetteAugust 2, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    The imagination and event that is David Lynch has kept me entranced, baffled and let's face it entertained over the years and here's to the future projects...I so do love you Mr. Lynch and "Good Day Today" is my new summer song and mantra.Thank you for your work...