Thursday, September 28, 2017


For many years I have basically been running my author platform here, out of 35 Years of David Lynch. For a multitude of reasons, I decided it is time for a change and all my new articles, self-promotion, reviews, essays, and the like will be forevermore released there moving forward. While my other blogs will still stand, from now on you can keep track of everything I do at, where I encourage you to follow me and bookmark me for future reference.
And to read the most up to date and best work I have on David Lynch, please check out my new site Blue Rose Epics and my book series 40 Years of David Lynch, now available on Amazon. I request some patience as I perfect the eBooks in editorial turnaround. They will be updated and finalized within the next few months and then they will be made available on Paperback and Audiobook! Thanks for your support!

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