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We recently released a poll asking you whose motion pictures you would like us to discuss in our next series of articles to be done in the spirit of 35 Years of David Lynch. We presented you with the choice of 21 A-List Filmmakers. Ten weeks and 166 votes later, your selection results are tallied below and we can announce the winner: Stanley Kubrick!


Robert Altman
  4 (2%)
Paul Thomas Anderson
  10 (6%)
Wes Anderson
  3 (1%)
Ingmar Bergman
  21 (12%)
John Carpenter
  3 (1%)
Joel and Ethan Coen
  6 (3%)
Francis Ford Coppola
  1 (0%)
David Cronenberg
  20 (12%)
David Fincher
  4 (2%)
Terry Gilliam
  8 (4%)
Alfred Hitchcock
  2 (1%)
Satoshi Kon
  8 (4%)
Stanley Kubrick
  34 (20%)
Christopher Nolan
  5 (3%)
Chan-wook Park
  1 (0%)
Alan Parker
  3 (1%)
Martin Scorsese
  9 (5%)
Quentin Tarantino
  12 (7%)
Guillermo Del Toro
  7 (4%)
Orson Welles
  3 (1%)
Billy Wilder
  2 (1%)
Votes so far: 166 

First Place Winner: Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick's Self-Portrait as an Up-and-Coming Filmmaker
The clear winner of our poll is American film director Stanley Kubrick, one of the most revered filmmakers of the 20th Century and one of the few cinematic influences David Lynch has cited. Kubrick legitimized and even popularized the use of artistic abstraction in mainstream motion pictures more than anyone else. And as we mentioned in our analysis of David Lynch's Eraserhead (1977), Kubrick was a fan of Lynch's first feature film and screened Eraserhead to inspire his cast on his next film: The Shining (1980).

Stanley Kubrick at the Height of His Career
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Second Place Runner-Up: Ingmar Bergman
In second place is another David Lynch cinematic influence, master Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman. One of the greatest directors of all time, Bergman blends the surreal with a stark sense reality in his films so seamlessly that you often cannot tell his films apart from dreams. We mentioned Bergman in our Concluding Remarks to our original run through David Lynch's films, his remarks on films being particularly relevant to our approach to Lynch's work, too.

Third Place: David Cronenberg
In third place, trailing Ingmar Bergman by a single vote, is Canadian director David Cronenberg. Known for his ingenuity in translating his bizarrely Freudian nightmares to the big screen, Cronenberg is an innovative directors and an unique voice in modern cinema. We wrote an article featured on IMDb's Daily Hitlist called The Davids: Masters of Cerebral Horror where we contrast Cronenberg's cinematic Artistotle with Lynch's cinematic Plato.

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