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When seeking a symbol to summarize David Lynch's career for this site's banner, the red room stood out as an indelible image in a career filled with unforgettable on-screen images. Here Lynch strikes a universal chord in viewers with dream-like surrealism as Laura Palmer reaches out from beyond the grave to a confused, empathic Agent Cooper. They meet in a red room populated with abstract symbols, where non sequitir stanzas are recited in response to basic questions and everything occurs backwards. Yet Lynch somehow makes this sequence feel tangible, real, and familiar as if we were dreaming it ourselves.

This Extended Shot of the Horne Family Dinner Demonstrates Lynch's Unique Brand of Humor
As mentioned at the end of our previous article, Episode 2 should be viewed in conjunction with Episode 1 for full effect. Although the series as a whole has remarkable continuity, each episode normally representing one day of the show's narrative, Episodes 1 and 2 are so tightly connected that both episodes improve when watched together. Episode 2 opens on a static shot of the Horne family at dinner with the opening credits playing over the silence at the table. In this simple extended shot, Lynch reveals a lot about the tension and apathy in the Horne family.
Ben's Younger Brother Jerry Arrives from His Recent Investment Trip to Europe
Jerry Horne Explodes on the Scene as a Dynamic Force in the Horne Household
As if Speaking to a Little Girl, He Greets Audrey as a Comedic/Lovable "Uncle Jerry"
Ben's Wife Sylvia is Not Amused When Jerry Tries to Kiss Her in Greeting
Ignoring Johnny in his Pleasantries, Jerry Unpacks Several Sandwiches from his Baggage
Jerry Declares these Baguette Brie Sandwiches from Paris as the Best He Ever Tasted
Ben Curiously Looks on as Jerry Explains the Exquisite Qualities of the Sandwich
Ben Horne Feels Transported to a Quieter, Simpler Time of his Life as He Takes a Whiff
Ben Ignores his Plate of Dinner and Exclusively Begins Devouring the Delicious Sandwich
Sylvia Looks Away in Disgust with her Husband's Less Civilized Behavior as he Talks to Jerry with his Mouth Full
Ben Remembers that this Sandwich Reminds Him of a Childhood Memory of a Girl Named Sally by the River
Jerry Starts Laughing in Delight When he Realizes Ben is Right
Ben and Jerry Excuse Themselves from the Meal and Discuss Business Out in a Great Northern Hallway. Ben Reveals that Leland's Daughter was Murdered and the Norwegians Left Before Signing the Contracts
Jerry is Shocked and Asks Why. Probably to Avoid Embarrassment, Ben Does Not Explain Audrey's  Part in their Departure. As Almost an Afterthought, Jerry Realizes that Ben Mentioned Laura's Murder
The Horne Brothers Decide to Cheer Themselves Up with a Visit to One-Eyed Jacks, a Nearby Brothel and Casino Ben Owns on the Other Side of the Canadian Border
They are Excited by the Prospects of a New Girl "Freshly Scented" at the Perfume Counter at Horne's Department Store
Jerry Defers to His Elder Brother About the Itinerary this Evening
The Brothel has a Routine Greeting for the Horne Brothers' Frequent Visits
Billiards and Card Tables Fill the Casino Room
The Brothel's Madame Blackie Arrives with Her Entourage of Girls
Although Blackie is an Employee, Ben Schmoozes and Romances Her as He Did Catherine Martell in the Last Episode
As Ben Waxes Lyrical About Blackie's Beauty...
... Jerry Interrupts to Expedite the Introduction to the New Girl
Blackie Summons the New Girl, Who Seems Nervous
The Horne Brothers Flip a Coin to Determine Which One of Them Gets First Crack at Her
Ben Wins the Coin Toss and Takes the New Girl Back into One of the Bedrooms
The world of Twin Peaks descends into a new layer of dark secrets as we learn the prestigious Benjamin Horne is not only involved in corrupt business dealings but also runs an illegal gambling and prostitution ring just across the Canadian border. As we increase our understanding of Ben Horne we are forced to ask ourselves what else he is capable of doing. He presents himself as a moral pillar of the community, yet he secretly operates and runs an organized crime syndicate under everyone's noses. We have now been thoroughly introduced to Ben Horne's doppelgänger.
Meanwhile, at the Hayward Household, the Fire of Young Love Burns Brightly
The Hayward Family Finishes Dinner with James Hurley and the Parents Remind Donna About Church in the Morning
James Explains to Donna they Should Not Feel Guilty About their Burgeoning Relationship
Donna is Relieved When James Explains that Eventually they Would Have Ended Up Together Like this Anyway, Even if Laura Had Not Not Died
James Shares a Story of Seeing Donna at School One Day Before Laura's Murder and How He Wanted to Share His Feelings for Donna Back Then
James and Donna Kiss by the Light of the Fire
Agent Cooper Returns to His Room Where He Delights in the Progress of His Bird-Call Project, Which He Began in the Pilot Episode Whittling Down a Solid Piece of Wood
Agent Cooper Receives a Call from Deputy Hawk Regarding the Questioning of Ronette's Parents, and Relates to Cooper the Suspicious Sighting of a One-Armed Man Outside the Hospital Room
As Agent Cooper Orders Hawk to Continue a Round-the-Clock Watch on Ronette, He hears a Knock at the Door
Agent Cooper Does Not Notice Anyone Outside But Discovers a Cryptic Note
Somebody Seems to have Overheard Something About One-Eyed Jacks and has Clued Cooper in on the Mystery
Agent Cooper Smells the Note and Discovers a Rare Aroma He Recognizes from Someone He Knows
Cooper Knows What the Audience Will Not be Clued in on Until Next Episode: Audrey Horne Wrote the Note
Meanwhile, Mike and Bobby Go to their Prearranged Drug Pick-Up Mentioned Last Episode
Mike has Come Prepared in Case it Goes Badly, Since Bobby and he Do Not Have the Money
Mike and Bobby Check the Deflated Football Where Leo Johnson Should Have Left the Drugs
Leo Johnson Suddenly Appears with a Flashlight and a Shotgun
Bobby and Mike are Scared, Because the Football Does Not have All the Drugs they Ordered
Bobby Explains that Laura had the Rest of Leo's $10,000 But they Cannot Access it Now She's Dead
Mike Starts Reaching in his Pocket for the Switchblade Knife, But Leo Loads the Shotgun with a Live Round and Orders Mike to Slowly Pull his Hands Out of his Pockets
Bobby Apologizes for Not Having the Rest of Leo's Money, But Leo is More Upset About Something Else
Leo Reveals he Knows his Wife Shelly is being Unfaithful to Him
Bobby Asks if Leo Knows with Whom Shelly has Cheated. Leo Assures Bobby he Will Find Out. Leo then Orders Mike and Bobby to Run Out for a Pass and Prompts them with his Shotgun. The Two Teens Run for their Lives When they Hear a Thud on the Hood of their Car
A Terrorized Mike and Bobby Discover Leo has Thrown the Deflated Football at the Car
Mike and Bobby Feel Like they are in Over their Heads with Leo Johnson

The Next Day Ed Hurley Pops a Grease Gun and Spills it All Over Himself
He Needs to Wash Up and Change Clothes While Not Spilling Grease in the House
Ed Tip Toes through the House in Fear of Alerting Nadine of his Presence
His Plan is Ruined When he Trips Over Nadine's Drape Runners
Ed Accidentally Spills Grease on Nadine's Invention in Progress
Ed Makes a Racket, Alerting Nadine to What he Just Did
Nadine Berates Ed for his Carlessness
In Ed's Defense, he Points Out that Nadine Left the Runners in the Middle of the Living Room
But Nothing Can Spare Ed from Nadine's Wrath
Nadine Shouts Out, "You. Make. Me. Sick!"
As Nadine Continues Exercising in Frustration, She Superhumanly Bends Back the Metal Bar on her Machine. Something Strange is Happening with Nadine Hurley
The Sheriff's Department Helps Agent Cooper Prepare a Demonstration
Lucy Does her Part, Setting Up the Chalkboard, Laying Out the Donuts, and Making the Coffee
Sheriff Truman and Deputy Hawk Walk Out to a Predetermined Distance
At Precisely 60 Feet from Lucy's Position, they Place a Glass Milk Bottle Atop a Log
Agent Cooper Prepares the Chalkboard with Names of People he Learned During his Investigation
Mark Frost and David Lynch's First Mention of the Soap Within the Soap, "Invitation to Love"
Shelly Scorns the Soap as she Deals with her Real Problem
Her Wife-Beating Husband Leo Johnson
Bobby Briggs Wants to See Shelly But She is Afraid for her Life Now that Leo has Grown Suspicious
Bobby is Worried for her and Insists on Seeing Her
Shelly Tries in Vain to Convince Bobby to Just Leave her Alone for a While
Bobby Pushes his Way in the House
And Notices Shelly is Trying to Hide her Face from Him
Bobby Threatens to Kill Leo if he Ever Beats Shelly Again
And they Get Wrapped Up in the Moment and Kiss
Norma Jennings's Reverie is Interrupted When Ed Hurley Pops in for a Visit
Norma and Ed Never Seem as Happy Apart as When they are Together
Ed Commiserates with his Secret Lover Norma About his Troubles with Nadine:
"I'm in that dog house again."
The drama heats up in Twin Peaks as abusive spouses punish their spouses in cruel and bizarre ways, driving a bigger wedge between them. Humorously, Ed and Shelly would have a lot in common as their horrible marriages drive them to infidelity and their infidelity further strains their marriages. As their marriages circle down the drain, they become more dependent on their secret lovers for love and support.

All the Preparations are Complete for Agent Cooper's Demonstration Out Back Behind the Sheriff's Station
Agent Cooper Loves Lucy's Coffee
But Spits it Out because it is Too Hot
Agent Cooper: "Damn good coffee. And hot."
After Everyone Settles Down and is Prepared for his Presentation, He Pulls Out an Extendable Pointer
And Dramatically Extends it Out to Aid his Brief Introduction on Tibet Before Commencing with his Demonstration
Agent Cooper Explains a Brief History of Tibet's Conquest by China and the Dali Lama's Escape into Exile
Agent Cooper Explains that Based on a Dream he had, he was Filled with Compassion for the Tibetan People
And Subconsciously Absorbed the Knowledge of a Secret Technique
A Technique Taking Advantage of the Inductive Reasoning Powers of the
Mind and Body Working Hand and Hand Together
Cooper has Piqued the Curiosity of a Normally Skeptical Sheriff Truman
Agent Cooper Explains the Rudimentary Concept of What he is About to Do
Deputy Andy Brennan
Cooper Begins to Feel a Bit Like a Shaman as he Prepares them for their Tasks
Deputy Hawk is Probably the Most Spiritually Inclined of this Group from the Sheriff's Station. In Fact, Hawk Revealing the the Folklore of Native American Traditions Will Later Play an Important Role in Understanding Future Events
Laura Palmer Mentioned in her Last Diary Entry she was Nervous About Meeting "J" Tonight
Agent Cooper Wrote Out All the Names of the People in Town with a "J" Starting their First or Last Name
Agent Cooper Asks Truman to Say the Name of One of the People on the List and to Give a Brief Description of that Person's Relationship to Laura Palmer
James Hurley, Laura's Secret Boyfriend
Agent Cooper Throws the Rock at the Glass Milk Bottle, But Misses the Mark
Josie Packard, Received English Lessons from Laura
Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, Laura's Psychiatrist
Agent Cooper Repeats the Name "Dr. Lawrence Jacoby" Before Throwing a New Rock at the Bottle
Agent Cooper Knocks the Bottle Off the Log
Agent Cooper Asks Lucy to Take Note the Bottle was Struck, But Did Not Break
Sheriff Truman Continues Listing Off Names as Deputy Hawk Holds Up the Bucket of Rocks for Cooper
Meanwhile, Deputy Andy Resets the Glass Milk Bottle on its Perch
Johnny Horne, Received Lessons from Laura
Norma Jennings, Worked with Laura on the Meals on Wheels Program
Shelly Johnson, Friend of Laura's
This Time Agent Cooper is Not Just Off the Mark
But Actually Lands the Rock on Andy's Head
Andy Shrugs Off the Blow and Claims it Did Not Hurt One Bit
Sheriff Truman Chimes, "Where there's no sense, there's no feeling, Andy!"
Andy Takes the Joke in Good Humor as they Continue the Demonstration
Agent Cooper Apologizes to Andy Before Continuing
Sheriff Truman Pulls Agent Cooper Away in Private for a Second and Asks if All this Really Came from a Dream. Agent Cooper Positively Responds with a Smile: "Yes."
Sheriff Truman Helps Rule Out "Jack with One Eye" Because of his Familiarity with the Canadian Casino "One-Eyed Jacks"
Lucy Gets Caught in a Word Loop and Agent Cooper Helps Clarify that Lucy Can Cross "Jack with One Eye" Off this List
Leo Johnon, Shelly's Husband. Relationship to Laura... Unknown.
Cooper Repeats his Name and Steadies Himself
He Throws Once More
Upon Hearing Leo Johnson's Name, He Throws the Last Rock
In a Very Cool Shot, We Watch the Rock Leave Kyle MacLachlan's Hand and Travel All the Way to Glass Bottle Where it Makes Contact and Shatters it to Pieces, without Any Cuts or Special Effects
Everyone Ponders What this Could Mean as they Look on the Broken Milk Bottle
This Group Now Suspects Leo Johnson Could be Involved in Laura's Death
While not insulting or downplaying the importance of deductive reasoning and more conventional investigative techniques, Agent Cooper apparently trusts in his subconscious mind more than any other Holmesian detective in fiction. Sherlock Holmes tends to downplay intuition in favor of cold rationality. But Agent Cooper is a man who is willing to follow down inductive paths of reasoning after deduction takes him as far as it can go. This scene partially encapsulates the style of Twin Peaks as a whole, a show that makes use of a strongly structured narrative, but is not afraid to make intuitive leaps to take us places we could not go alone with the unaided conscious mind.

A Beautiful Establishing Shot Sets the Scene for the Double "R" Diner
As the Packard Sawmill Continues Moving Lumber at a Consistent Pace
Audrey Horne Enters the Diner
Where the Haywards are Eating Sunday Lunch Together
Norma is a Little Surprised to See Audrey Here Alone
Audrey Orders a Cup of Coffee
Thinking of Agent Cooper's Preferences, She Drinks it Black
Donna's Parents Say they Saw Audrey at Church Earlier that Day
Since Audrey Does Not Normally Attend Services, Donna is Interested Why She Came Today
In a Rare Moment, Donna and Audrey Converse with Each Other
Audrey Explains that She Came to Church in Honor of Laura's Memory. Donna is a Little Surprised at this, Thinking Audrey Did Not Like Laura. Audrey Responds that She Sorta Loved Laura for Helping her Bother Johnny
Audrey Asks Donna How She Likes her Coffee, so She Responds She Likes it with Cream and Sugar
Audrey Reveals Agent Cooper Likes his Coffee Black
Donna Laughs at Audrey's Obvious Attraction and Interest in the FBI Agent
Audrey's Attention Becomes Drawn to the Music Playing on the Jukebox
Audrey's Dance
Audrey Gets Up from the Table and Begins Dancing in the Middle of the Diner
There is Something Strange and Sensual in her Movements
Moves that Begin Drawing Attention from the Other Patrons in the Restaurant
Including Donna's Parents, Who Watch Audrey's Spectacle
Audrey Does Not Seem to Care What Anyone Thinks of Her as She Continues to Slink Around and Dance in Place
Donna is a Little Bit Embarrassed for Audrey at First But Grows a Little Jealous of Audrey's Free Spirit, the Same Type of Spirit she Recognizes from her Deceased Friend Laura

Albert Rosenfield Arrives in Town

Meanwhile a New Piece of Evidence is Discovered by Deputy Hawk Near the Train Car Where Laura and Ronette were Attacked
The Location of this Bloodied Towel Will be Important in the Last Episode of the Series
Miguel Ferrer Blows into Town with the Ferocity of a Storm as FBI Special Agent Albert Rosenfield
Miguel Ferrer's Father is Jose Ferrer, the Actor Who Played Emperor Shadam IV in Dune (1984)
Albert has a Surprisingly Low Threshold for Lucy Moran's Eccentricities
Agent Cooper Predicts Lucy is Buzzing them Because Albert and his Team Arrived
Lucy is Surprised by Cooper's Accuracy and Informs Albert that Cooper and Truman Will be Out in a Moment
Albert: "I can hear perfectly fine, curly."
Not Knowing How to Politely Respond with Words
Lucy Expresses Herself with Actions
Knowing of Albert's Propensity to Anger Everyone he Meets, Cooper Warns the Sheriff What Might Happen
Albert is the Best Forensics Expert there is, But he is Lacking in Some of the Social Niceties
Cooper Captures Sheriff Truman's Nose
The Sheriff Does Not Take it Too Seriously
Upon Seeing Cooper and Truman, Albert Says: "I've seen a lot of slipshod backwater burgs in my day, but this one has got to take the cake."
Sheriff Truman Suppresses the Urge to Punch Albert Square in the Jaw
Cooper Hands Albert the Local Coroner's Report on Laura, to Which Albert Responds:
"Welcome to amateur hour."
Lucy Tries to Read her Recently Acquired Book on Tibet in Peace But is Distracted by the Exceptionally Rude Comments of Albert Rosenfield. Lucy was Apparently Inspired to Research Tibet After the Demonstration Earlier that Day by Cooper
Sheriff Truman Warns Albert to Stop Trash-Talking his Department and Town or Else a Retaliatory Physical Assault Would Not be Out of the Question. Albert Takes a Clue and Leaves the Station
Agent Cooper is Exceptionally Pleased with Truman's Restraint
A Quaint Little Smokestack
Ed Returns Home to Hear Nadine Shouting his Name
Ed is Not Sure What to Expect, But Violence Seems a Strong Possibility
Instead Nadine Runs to Ed and Gives Him a Bear Hug of Appreciation
Ed is Confused, But Nadine Explains that the Greased Cotton Balls Made Her Silent Drape Running Invention Work

The Force of Nadine's Affectionate Hug Begins to Hurt Ed
Meanwhile, the Icy Cold Atmosphere of Pete and Catherine Martell Sharply Contrasts with Ed and Nadine
Pete Rubs Mink Oil Over his Boots, which Causes Catherine to Leave for Refuge from the Smell
Catherine Heads into her Adjoining Bathroom and Inquires About Agent Cooper's Visit to the House Earlier
Once she is in the Bathroom, Pete Finds Catherine's Hidden Key to her Safe
Makes Sure the Coast is Clear
And Passes Off the Key to Josie, Who is Waiting Just Outside Catherine's Bedroom
As Pete Refuses to Share Any Other Information on Cooper and Truman's Visit Earlier, He Quips About her Self-Importance
Catherine is Incensed and Shouts at Pete Like a Child: "Go back to your room!"
Josie Uncovers the Safe Behind a Slide-Out Bookcase\
And Uncovers the Safe
Josie Uses the Key that Pete Snuck to her Moments Ago
And Finds Two Separate Accounting Ledgers for the Sawmill
Josie Studies them to Gain More Inforamtion
The Palmer Residence
A Painting Hanging on the Wall That Will Be Significantly Featured Later in Ep. 14
Leland is Troubled and Begins Snapping his Fingers Convulsively as he Plays Some Music
Leland Sets the Vinyl Record on the Machine to Play Some Dance Music. This Shot Eerily Echoes Another Shot in a Later Episode, Which We Will Reveal in a Later Article
Leland Seems Totally Despondent as he Listens to the Music
Leland Feels an Intense Despair About Laura's Murder in a Way Only Lightly Touched on in Past Episodes
Leland's Attention is Drawn to Laura's Homecoming Queen Photo on the Table
Leland Picks Up Laura's Photo
And he Begins Crying Uncontrollably
Leland Begins Dancing with the Photo Around the Room to the Loud Dance Music
Leland Begins Screaming in Repetitive Bursts
Leland Continues Dancing and Screaming at a Feverish Pace
Sarah Palmer Rushes in to Find Out What is Happening to Leland
She Tries to Get Leland to Stop Dancing with Laura's Photo, But Leland Ends Up Smashing the Glass on the Frame as he Tries to Keep it in his Hands
Sarah is Extremely Confused by Leland's Behavior and Asks What is Going On
Leland was Cut by the Broken Glass and he Begins to Spread his Blood Over Laura's Photo While Crying
Leland Moans and Cries and Will Not Stop Staring at Laura's Photo
Sarah Cries Out in Grief, Rage, Confusion, Etc.
For the last few episodes, it seemed like Sarah Palmer was the unstable one, requiring medication to calm herself down after learning of her murder, having strange psychic visions of Laura's heart pendant, Laura's face, and the face of Laura's possible killer during Donna Hayward's visit last episode. Leland seemed to be the strong one who could comfort and support his emotionally damaged wife Sarah. But now Leland has broken down, too, leaving Sarah to be the strong the one when she is still incapable of handling her own grief let alone her husband's, too.

From David Lynch's First Feature Film Eraserhead (1976). Lynch Designed and Stenciled in the Floor Pattern Personally
The Same Floor Design Appears Where the Fremen Harvest the Water of Life in the Extended Cut of Dune (1984)
And the Same Floor Design Appears Again in the Red Room Dream Sequence in Twin Peaks (1990)
When this episode first aired, Agent Cooper's dream sequence stunned an audience full of people who thought they had seen everything televisions is capable of conveying on screen. People watched something completely original, bizarre, and beautiful that jarred something deep inside our collective subconscious. The sleepers awoke and gained a new perspective on the capabilities of the medium and the potential of the art form of television, inspiring countless writers, directors, and producers to strive to make something truly creative and original like David Lynch achieved in this episode.
Agent Cooper's Dream

Agent Cooper is in Store for a Strange Experience as he Sleeps Tonight
The Camera Shows Cooper Fast Asleep as We Enter his Mind
Most of the Footage of this Dream Sequence is Pulled Out of the Extended "Closed Ending" to the Pilot
A Dwarf Rubs his Hands Together, Apparently Evoking Different Images for Cooper's Benefit
An Image of Sarah Palmer Searching for Laura Flashes Across his Mind
The One-Armed Man Cooper has Seen in the Periphery of his Investigation Visits his Dream

He Introduces himself as Mike and Recites a Poem to Cooper, the Last Stanza of Which is "Fire, Walk with Me..." Mike Explains he had a Tattoo with "FIRE WALK WITH ME" on his Left Arm, But When he Saw the Face of God, he Took the Whole Arm Off
Cooper is Restless as he Continues to Dream
Mike Introduces this Man as Bob, Who Says: "You might think I've gone insane. But I promise! I. Will. Kill. Again."
A Recent Article Identified the Object at the Center of the
Candles as the Severed Ear Discovered by Kyle MacLachlan in Blue Velvet (1986)
A Draft Blows Out All the Candles
Agent Cooper Sees himself 25 Years Older
Laura Palmer Appears
The Dwarf Suddenly Turns Around and Faces Cooper
The Dwarf Sits Down and Begins Rubbing his Hands Again
A Sound Reminiscent of Crystal Glasses being Rubbed Accompanies a Shadow of the Planet Saturn as it Passes by in the Background
Laura Points to her Nose
Agent Cooper Tries to Verify Laura's Identity
The Dwarf Begins Speaking in a Strange Way, Speaking Non Sequitir Phrases
After Agent Cooper Asks if this Woman is Laura Palmer, she Responds
This is a Phrase that Haunts Twin Peaks
All these Phrases Seem Strange and Disconnected at First Glance, But as the Series Progresses Each Phrase is Discovered to Hold an Important Clue in the Investigation of Laura's Murder
Jazz Music Starts Playing
The Dwarf Begins Dancing in the Other Part of the Room
As the Dwarf Dances, Laura Walks Over to Agent Cooper
Cooper has No Idea What to Expect
Laura Leans Down to Cooper
And Kisses Him
A Strobe Light Flashes on Disorienting Cooper
Cooper is Now at Ease and Ready to Hear Laura's Message
She Whispers the Identity of her Killer
Cooper Calls the Sheriff and Sets an Appointment for the Next Day
Truman Wants Answers Now But Cooper Insists the Answer Can Wait Until Tomorrow
Cooper Begins Snapping his Thumbs in Rhythm to the Music he Remembers from his Dream
There is something fascinating and mysterious about the art of David Lynch that no amount of analysis or study can fully reveal, which is as it should be. Lynch's films appeal to something deep inside our conscious and subconscious minds. The experience Lynch creates is raw, primal, and elemental.
Twin Peaks Evokes the Sadness, the Questions, and the Mysteries Surrounding
a Beautiful, Popular Woman's Untimely Death
Lynch insists there exists an interpretation in his mind for what he puts on screen, but as explained in previous articles, he does not want to deny people their own opportunity to engage with his art on a subconscious level. And because of Lynch's powerful directorial style, Twin Peaks is a great and enjoyable viewing experience on every level of meaning and is worth many repeat viewings.
Cast Interviews for Twin Peaks

Next week we will being our analysis of the two-part Twin Peaks Episode 8, second season premiere. All episodes can be found in an excellent box set: Twin Peaks - The Definitive Gold Box Edition. Twin Peaks can also be found in 720p HD format at the iTunes Store. Many of the episodes can also be found in lower definition free video streaming at IMDBCBS, and Fancast.
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